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All children get a fever occasionally. A fever itself normally causes no damage and can really be something worth being thankful for — it’s frequently a sign that the body is battling a contamination. Be that as it may, when your kid wakes in the night flushed, hot, and sweat-soaked, …

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What Is a Concussion? A blackout is a sort of mellow horrible mind damage (or gentle TBI). It happens when a hit to the head or damage makes the head move to and fro with a great deal of power. This causes compound changes in the mind and, in some …

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Blackouts: Getting Better

On the off chance that you get a blackout, it implies that you’ve harmed your mind and you have to give it an opportunity to show signs of improvement. That normally implies rest. It additionally implies following a specialist’s recommendation on the things you can — and can’t — do …

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